Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bean at 20 Weeks

Bean reached a new mile stone today. We got to find out the sex of our Baby. Bean has been growing rapidly at an average of 1/2" a week and will continue to do so. We were lucky to get alot of pictures this week, and will share these with all of you. We looked at Beans heart, spine, brain, and limbs, and found everything to be perfect. Beans heart beat measured at 156 BPM, which is really good. Christina is doing well, Bean has been extremely active with kicking and turning. It seems very early, but we can already feel movement from the kicks. Here are some pictures pre Bean and Bean at 19 Weeks.

Christina pre Bean:

Bean at 20 Weeks:

So the first picture of bean is Bean on its side. This is a zoomed in picture of Beans mouth and nose. The nose is the hump on the right and Beans lips are on the left.

The following picture is the side view of Beans face, the little ball above Beans nose is its hand.

This is a picture of Beans arm and hand

This is a full view of Beans leg. You can clearly see Beans bones, this is upper leg, lower leg and foot.

This is a picture of both Beans feet. Beans is on the left and you can see Beans toes on the right.

This is a side view of Bean. Beans hands are above its head.

Bean got hungry during the photo shoot, and thought its thumb looked nummies. Yum Yum!!

This is a bottom view of Bean. It was confirmed today that we will be having a little Princess, Yah!!! We are very excited about bean's progress.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bean's mugshots at 12 weeks

We had our first photos taken of bean today. Bean is 12 weeks 6 days old, and is looking very healthy. It was really hard to capture some pictures, as Bean would not sit still. I think Bean was doing Gymnastics. This is Beans Head shot!! I think Bean looks just like Daddy, what do you think? Beans neck measurement was perfect, meaning that the measurement had to be less than 3mm at the back of the neck, Bean, measured in at 1.7mm. Good Job Bean!!

This is a full body shot of Bean, you can see the head on the right, and faintly see the one leg up on the left. We got to count all Bean's fingers and toes, and confirm the spine. Bean measures in at approximately 2.6".

This is an end shot of Bean, you can faintly see his foot in this picture, Bean was kicking and tossing and turning like you could not belive. I could'nt believe that he could be that active in the womb.

Well, now this picture was based on a guess, as it is still to early to tell the sex. You are looking at a bottom view of Bean. The arrow is pointing toward at the front of Bean. You are looking at his bottom cheeks in this picture. The Doctor said that based on what she has seen, she would guess that we would be having a baby Joel, this is not confirmed yet, and will only be at 20 weeks.
We are both very exited that our Bean is healthy, and that is all that matters to us.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bean at 7 Weeks 2 Days

We went for our first pictures of Bean on April 21st, 2009. The Doctor was very impressed with how strong Beans Heart beat was. Beans Heart beat was 160bpm, which i thought was high, but i guess it was excellent. Bean also measured in at a whopping 11mm. Go Bean Go!!

We went for our follow up appointment on Tuesday 19 May 2009 for a sound test. Bean couldnt sit still as was kicking and screaming. He was very very active, and we were told by the doctor that this is a good sign of Bean being very healthy. We will be going for our family portrait on the 26th May 2009, i will be posting more pictures after this apointment.

Engagement Ring

After much arguing with the jewelry store about the ridiculous 27 days to get a ring back from resizing, we finally got it back after 11 days. Christina really wanted to wear the wedding band as well, but i had to put my foot down. The ring looks really pretty on her finger, and i believe it is a great fit for her hand.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are Engaged

Joel and I got engaged on May 8th 2009. We are planning a small reception on a farm in Milton. The reception date will be planned for July 25th 2009. Joel sent me on a treasure hunt with little poems leading me from place to place until i finally found him with a ring and down on one knee :)